The Bondholders’ Meeting is responsible for resolving according to the methods and on the subjects set forth by the law and the Articles of Association, regarding the appointment and revocation of the common representative; changes to the conditions of the bond loan; the proposed receivership or arrangement with creditors; the setting-up of a fund for the necessary expenses for the protection of common interests and on the associated report; other items of common interest for bondholders.
The Bondholders’ Meeting meets when, in the opinion of the Board of Directors or the Common Representative, and given the legal conditions are met, when special requirements call for it.
The provisions applied to the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting apply to the Bondholders’ Meeting.
The right to attend and representation at the Bondholders’ Meeting are regulated by law, and it is clarified that, in order to attend the Bondholders’ Meeting, the Company must receive, by the close of the third open market day prior to the meeting, the communication issued by authorised intermediaries, certifying the relevant possession of the shareholding based on the evidence at the close of business on the seventh open market day prior to the date set for the Bondholders’ Meeting in first call. However, this is without prejudice to the legitimate right to attend and vote if the communication is received by the Company after the aforementioned terms, provided that it is received by the time the bondholders’ meeting begins on single call.