The Company is organised according to a traditional management and control model, with Shareholders’ Meetings, a Board of Directors and a Board of Statutory Auditors. The Articles of Association govern the appointment of the Board of Directors by the Shareholders’ Meeting, which is conducted based on lists submitted by shareholders, in compliance with the balance of genders and in accordance with the procedures provided for by the Articles themselves.

The Board of Directors, which defines and pursues the strategic objectives of the Issuer and of the Group it heads, has been charged with the usual powers which cannot be delegated according to current legislation (approval of the draft financial statements, of the strategic, operational and financial plans, assignment of powers, adequacy assessment of the organisational, accounting and administrative structure of the Group, etc.).

Mittel adopts a governance model based on Board of Directors, Executive Committee.

Also in compliance with the Corporate Governance Code provisions, the Board of Directors has appointed a Remuneration and Nomination Committee, an Internal Control and Risk Committee, a Related Party Committee and a Group Risk Management Committee within the Board.

No company or entity exercises management and coordination of Mittel S.p.A.

Last version: 30 November 2018